Thursday, 17 November 2016

Bonobology-The Home Of Indian Couple Relationships

 A review on  Couple Relationship digital platform - Bonobology- The Home of Indian Couple Relationship

Two different souls strive to be one in the maze of one of the most beautiful relations in life-The Couple Relationship. The relation which is filled with complexity yet one works as oxygen for other. The bonds similar to the Bonobos-Humans closest ape cousins, who love, fight and dare to survive the worst for their relationship and make it happen.

Although, folded affirm the fastness in every day’s life has somewhere dulled the beauty of this most amazing relation. A platform is hence most required where the difficulties in maintaining this beautiful relationship is resolved and what better than-Bonobology-The Home of Indian Couple Relationships. This platform is a beautiful attempt where couples can share their aspiring incidents related to their daily life, discuss their problems and get proper counselling and acquire suggestions to help their relationship survive. This portal focuses on –Real Couples Real Conversations.
Life is all about finding solutions to the problems being faced and Couple Relationship is one of the most puzzled relationships where two people with maximum different tastes are to make an attempt to survive together throughout lifetime. Survival is possible through discussion and proper guidance. Bonobology is such a platform where you can Read, Discuss and Resolve about all aspects of relationship issues.
Digitization has become one of the major aspects in every day’s life where real life itself seems to be a fiction. In this fast growing digital world Bonobology is thus an attempt by Raksha Bharadia and team in this digital space itself to help this beautiful real life Couple Relationship get motivated through several real life incidents and work for survival. 

Mother Teresa quoted, “Intense love does not measure, it just gives” but in reality today’s life has become so hectic that we hardly comprise anything with anyone not even our time. Bonobology’s expert team attempts to resolve these various serious issues in this relationship through the broad spectrum of this digi-space where various problems can be resolved even by maintaining secrecy to one’s identity too.

Every couple have beautiful incidents to share and let others get inspired from them and indeed many others waiting to seek help in order to sustain their relationship. Bonobology-is such portal where thousands eagerly waiting can read ones inspiring story and get motivated and help themselves resolve their problems through proper discussions.
So if you have a story about an experience on your relationship which can help you heave off a stone from your soul or an experience to share which can inspire others or a problem with your spouse which needs to be looked through click on to and help yourself healed, inspired and motivated through Reading, Discussing and Resolving in Bonobology-Real Couples Real Conversations.

Monday, 14 November 2016

How my wife helped me heal from past heartbreak

It's never too easy to come over through a break-up & start ones normal life once again everything takes time and heal. This is a write-up of mine on such an incident which had been published at Bonobology India -The Home of Indian Couples

 Heartbreak is known to have taken several to the brink. Here's a story of how counseling and finding strength in a marriage can turn lives around

I am the 6-foot dusky boy from the physiotherapy batch. I saw her first at the examination hall during our first exam. She, a thin, pale-skinned girl dressed in a white salwar kameez was seated right behind me. There was a terrified look on her face, for she was trying to conceal a paper I had brought to copy from, in the exam. I had thrown it under her feet when Dr. Dewan was close enough to trap me in the act.
There was something in those beautiful dark eyes which prevented me from sleeping for almost a week. I grew curious about her. This curiosity resulted in a beautiful friendship between both of us.
She was a post-graduation student. I proposed to her within a year. She was taken aback and whispered timidly, “Sorry dear. I know we both share a relationship that is deeper than friendship. I would love to accept your proposal but our society would never accept us. I am older than you. Besides, our faiths are different. I cannot let down my parents.”
She walked away as she said this and I stood there hoping she would turn back. As if something in her heard my hopes, she ran back to me, kissed me hard and said, “But I cannot live without you.”
And there was no turning back from there on. Ten years passed. We became inseparable. She waited for me to complete my Bachelor’s degree and supported me while I got settled. She became my life support.
But our relationship was riddled with insecurity. Most things can be mended but faith once betrayed is hard to mend. We were always suspicious that the other was having a secret affair. We became possessive to the point of ruthlessly invading each other’s space.
Tensions between us mounted. Discussions didn’t help. Instead there were more outbursts, quarrels and anxieties that led to depression. We tried hard but eventually came to an understanding that some relationships must end in friendship instead of a life partnership.
The breakup left me shattered. I took to alcoholism and eventually quit my job. My friends suggested counselling. One morning, whilst still in bed with a heavy hangover, I was making plans to end my life. With my paramedical background, I realised I needed help. I immediately made an appointment with a counsellor.  On reaching there I poured my heart out and breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately for me, my life started getting back into normal gear after a few sessions.
Two years late, I saw her again at our University’s Silver Jubilee Meet. We crossed paths but dared not make eye contact. Standing apart from the crowd I watched her walking gracefully in a pink saree. Somewhere the deep pain was relapsing again. I wanted to hug her, kiss her tight but knew deep down inside that she was with someone else.
Amidst the pain, I felt a warm hand holding my sweaty palm and softly whispering to me, “Go talk to her, it will ease your tension.” I saw a beautiful lady dressed in blue besides me. She was my wife – my friend for life. I kissed her on her forehead and said, “No, that’s a hallucination from the past. I’m lucky to be with you; my present and the future of my life.” 
Today my partner knows my past as I know hers. She has given me the space to express myself, values my privacy and understands me better than I do. She gives me the conviction that some life partnerships do end in great friendships. My prompt action in seeking counselling helped me step away from the brink of taking my own life, and her presence has strengthened my will to live.
(As told to Joyeeta Talukdar) 

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Wait

I am waiting for you,

It has been years you left;
Yes, years you left.
And the irony is-
Since then we have never met.
You left me amidst midnight,
You left me crouched alone in bed;
Half-awake I waited for you,
Half-awake I wait for you still;
But, Alas!!!!
Till today you aren’t back.
Yes, you didn’t meet me again,
Neither any news came from your side;
Why then every knock on my door still today;
Makes me shiver and think “It might be You again”?
No, please fear not I ain’t angry with though,
For whatever others may say-
Deep within my heart I believe “I wasn’t your bait that night”.
Yes, I believe that my stars shall brighten one day,
Yes, indeed one day you shall come back to me;
Hold me tight within your arms,
Kiss me on my lips-
And say,” Darling you are mine only mine”.