Monday, 6 June 2016

The Wait

I am waiting for you,

It has been years you left;
Yes, years you left.
And the irony is-
Since then we have never met.
You left me amidst midnight,
You left me crouched alone in bed;
Half-awake I waited for you,
Half-awake I wait for you still;
But, Alas!!!!
Till today you aren’t back.
Yes, you didn’t meet me again,
Neither any news came from your side;
Why then every knock on my door still today;
Makes me shiver and think “It might be You again”?
No, please fear not I ain’t angry with though,
For whatever others may say-
Deep within my heart I believe “I wasn’t your bait that night”.
Yes, I believe that my stars shall brighten one day,
Yes, indeed one day you shall come back to me;
Hold me tight within your arms,
Kiss me on my lips-
And say,” Darling you are mine only mine”.