Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Can you hear me?

I walked over the roads,
I walked through the lifeless stones
Felt like each had thousand stories untold.
" Can you hear me? ", as if they screamed,
" I have witnessed many tales
Saved many fails-
But,  no one sees through me
They feel that I only stand still".
"I see you all fall and then help you to raise,
Support you to everybit for it,
Although a fall over me is not light
But still you can't hear my cry.
Like you thousands come and go
Some wished to hear me and some just pass by-
Yet I scream everytime, "Hey,  can you hear me?
And give a loud call to every passer by.
I see them laugh, play,  cry,plead
And then just move by
I stand still
Just screaming and witnessing them all . "

World Poetry Day

Friday, 3 March 2017

Who Am I?????

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Do you know, “Who Am I?”, “Who the hell am I?”
This is my only question to every passerby.
Because I am ravished by the dazzles of my pride
& I know that the heavens are not where I may rely.
Waking up every day I ask a question to myself,
“Can I ever realize the real fact & truth that who am I?”
The instant answer comes from somewhere within,
“Dear me you don’t lead but are leaded,
You are a Soul , Free Soul without a name 
Without any color without any bound 
That's what you can only feel Proud"
Live to the moments. live to the song
For no one can ever answer, "Who am I?"
Joyeeta Talukdar